I am a native Manhattanite creator passionate about making a difference for people and smitten by the possibilities of communication & mindfulness to transform the quality of life on earth.

As an alumnus of Wesleyan University’s Film Studies department, I now serve as the in-house filmmaker/producer at yc-backed startup One Month and create video content for bands, non-profits, agencies, universities, corporations, small businesses, and solopreneurs in the New York City Area and abroad on a freelance basis.

In my free time, I run a mental health & mindfulness awareness campaign on a mission to shift stigma and shame to empowerment and play by letting people lift the world with their mind by relaxing (as featured on Upworthy).

As an author, I’ve been published on Salon.com, The Wall Street Journal, & New York Daily News. Stay tuned for my Huffington Post blog as I get it together.

I also work as a voiceover artist, represented by Atlas Talent. I play both male characters on the sci-fi comedy podcast Wolf 359 and star in Just the Tips with Ruffles – a sock-puppet-hosted, how-to/advice web series.

Follow me on Twitter @zachvalenti